Essential travel items for your stay in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

A list of essential travel items for your stay in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford:

1. Rain gear

Rain proof jackets and shoes are definitely high on the list to pack when coming in Ireland. It is always a smart idea to bring along a high-quality rain jacket or any other rain gear that will protect you from any unwanted weather.

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2. Zipper Cubes

Zipper cubes are definitely life savers. They will keep you organised and save you time throughout the whole trip. Organise clothes, toiletries, electronics and anything else you need to bring with you.

3. Powerbank

Do not risk your phone or camera running out of battery while you are out and about exploring Enniscorthy or other parts of Wexford. Take pictures which you will treasure forever and never get lost with access to GPS and maps.

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4. Water bottle with built-in filter

Save the environment, as well as your money, and carry a water bottle with a built-in-filter with you at all times. Fill it up at the hotel before you leave or at any restaurant you visit along the way. 

5. Compact camera (or high quality camera phone)

A compact camera is always a must for any trip. A picture speaks a thousand words and is something you will always happily look back at. Create memories and capture them with your compact camera, which is not too heavy to carry during the day and which can easily fit in anywhere. 

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We have taken care of the following, so do not worry about these when making your trip down to Treacys Hotel in Enniscorthy: 

1. Towels

No need to take up space with packing towels for the whole family. Fresh clean towels are provided at the hotel every day, along with the rooms being cleaned on a daily basis free of charge.

2. Hairdryer

Another thing checked off your list. We provide hair dryers in every room. 

3. Wi-Fi

Complimentary Wi-Fi is available at all our hotels. Stay in touch with your family and friends and easily plan the day ahead while grabbing a bite to eat or enjoying a drink in one of our bars. 

4. Parking

Do not worry about parking. We offer free parking opposite our hotel in Enniscorthy to all our lovely  clients.

5. Breakfast

Delicious breakfast is available daily in the hotel. Start your day right and get your energy levels up before a whole day of running around and exploring, as Enniscorthy and Co. Wexford have much to offer.

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